Latest news

  • New Viot Video Otoscope for high-quality images and video

    8/12 2017

    Interacoustics is proud to announce the release of a new Viot™ video otoscope for sharp and high-resolution image and video capturing. The ergonomic design of the new Viot™ makes it extremely easy to use and ensures a comfortable experience for...

  • NEW! Sera DPOAE module

    1/12 2017

    Interacoustics announces the addition of DPOAE to the Sera™, newborn hearing screening device. The DPOAE algorithm is derived from the many years of knowledge and experience gained with the Titan clinical version...

  • Balance testing in complete darkness! New Virtual SVV solution from Interacoustics

    19/10 2017

    Interacoustics has announced the release of Virtual SVV™ that allows evaluation of otolith function supported by suggested thresholds. Virtual SVV™ is an assessment tool to identify abnormalities within the otolith organ (utriculus) which...

  • MAICO at major events in China

    14/8 2017

    The first was the seminar "Health China". Health China was held from August 11 - 13 in Zhuhai China. Hundreds of companies of the health industry participated at this seminar, which aimed to respond to the chinese national call of an..

  • New Video Frenzel solution from Interacoustics: Physiotherapists now have a powerful tool to diagnose dizzy patients

    15/6 2017

    With the release of a new Video Frenzel software, the Micromedical VisualEyes™ 505 by Interacoustics, Interacoustics has opened the door to the physiotherapist market. Interacoustics has worked in the field of balance for 15 years, and their..

  • Interacoustics takes Micromedical VisualEyes 2.0 VNG software to the next level with rotational chair testing

    15/6 2017

    Interacoustics, which prides itself by being one of the leading balance specialists in the field, has upgraded their current VisualEyes™ VNG software to include rotational chair testing, adding even more benefits for the modern balance clinic.

  • Audiometric Masking

    24/5 2017

    7 steps to ensure successful audiometric masking! In cases where you detect a symmetrical hearing loss, it is usually sufficient to perform traditional audiometry without masking. However, in cases of asymmetrical hearing loss, you cannot be certain that the sound is heard by the ear tested or the...

  • Top tips for mounting electrodes

    18/4 2017

    As with most things, getting the basics right can make all the difference to the success of your testing. When it comes to electrophysiological testing, ensuring that the electrodes are secure and have low impedances is crucial to effective and efficient testing.

  • How to keep the noise down and make your OAE testing time more efficient!

    29/3 2017

    IThe emissions produced by human hair cells are so small that OAE recording instruments have to amplify them thousands of times before the response can be measured. Unfortunately, every noise created by the patient, or by external sources is also amplified...